--- The cracklin are given points in 5 categories and earn an overall score.  Each category is worth up to 5 "Gratons."  Gratons is the Cajun term for cracklin.

Crunch = Cracklin are supposed to be crunchy.  Sometimes they are downright hard and sometimes their crunch is gone.  We look for a combination of crunchiness that provides the desired texture but does not run the risk of sending you to the dentist for a broken tooth.

Meat/Fat/Skin = What is the perfect combination of skin, fat, and meat?  Any given bag of cracklin will have pieces of only fat, only skin, and only meat.  The nuggets containing all three are most prized and provide the ideal combination of super crunchy skin, still soft fat, and crunchy (but not dry) meat.

Seasoning = The seasoning blend used should compliment the cracklin in every way while providing a peppery warmth.

Presentation = Everything from how the cracklin are displayed and handled to how they are served goes into this category.  Traditionally they are served in little brown paper bags and they are best when presented to the customer still warm.

Overall Score = The overall score combines the individual components AND the intangible factors that make up the cracklin eating experience.