Eunice Poultry - Eunice, LA

  -- Back on the Cracklin Trail and we encountered some problems: old, soggy, fatty, and barely seasoned.  No one is looking for cracklin like this, so it is odder still that they have to have a sign asking people to NOT put their hands in the cracklins!!  There is little to redeem these nuggets of mostly fat.  Let's face it, cracklin are already something we shouldn't really be eating, so if they're yucky why do it at all?  That's our advice.  Enjoy your time on the Trail!!

Lots of fat on these green bellies!
Is anyone inclined to put their hands in here?
Price = $12.59per lb. 
Crunch = 0 Gratons 
Meat/Fat/Skin Ratio = 1 Graton
Seasoning = 0 Gratons 
Presentation = 2 Gratons 

OVERALL SCORE = 1/2 Graton 

 251 E Laurel Ave, Eunice, LA 70535


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