Best Stop Supermarket - Scott, LA

Itty bitty pig hair stubble reminds you that this is "real" food.
--- The Best Stop is one of the best known meat markets around and they employ a virtual army of folks working in their kitchens as they try to keep up with the demand. When it comes to cracklin they're considered a "must stop." You need to know what you're doing when you go into the Best Stop . . . . there is a bit of an expectation (not a protocol, but an expectation) that you'll join the rather loose line that forms in front of the meat counter.  When it is your turn (and someone may still be in front of you when it is your turn) a worker will come out from behind the counter and verbally or non-verbally indicate that they're ready to get what you need. 
Large and meaty chunks of cracklin.

The cracklin are a tad under seasoned, but full of porky flavor. And, depending on how you feel about pig hair . . . . . . . . you'll either appreciate or be put off by the fried pig stubble extruding from the skin.  This is real food and you're not going to easily forget it. --

Price = $11.99per lb.
Crunch = 4 Gratons
Meat/Fat/Skin Ratio = 4 Gratons
Seasoning = 2.5 Gratons
Presentation = 4 Gratons
OVERALL SCORE = 3.75 Gratons

615 Highway 93 N
Scott, LA 70583-4416
 (337) 233-5805
A small bag of cracklin from the Best Stop.

For a review of the Best Stop's boudin click HERE.


  1. Not sure how I feel about the hair on Best Stop's cracklin. Would it get stuck in my throat?

  2. A hair in my food is one thing, but a hair growing OUT of my food is more than I can take.

  3. D.Hebert clouse you eyes an eat it an don't worry about what it look's like.

  4. I,ve eaten a lot of best stop cracklins and never gotten any with stubble. That's not something that happens normally. I,m over 60, high blood pressure, colesterol etc. so if you gotta eat pork fat fried in pork fat, cutting back on the salt and spices isn't a bad thing.I really like thier cracklins. They will put more seasoning on just ask.

  5. Gotta say that I've been to best stop a number of times our of convenience and I've had pig hair coming out of my cracklin every time! I just stopped getting it there about a 6 months ago

  6. I had cracklings from here three days ago and I will nver go back. They were burned and way to salty.

  7. This place is sooooo overrated. Their workers seem like they're sleepwalking through their jobs and the products are slipping big time. Soooooo much FAT in their boudin it is awful.

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  9. Price is now $15/lb. on my last stop in mid March 2014.

  10. i stopped there once on a trip bought 3 lbs.cracklins..ate food there. order 5 lbs by mail.i was raised on a farm in my early years.. so i know what cracklins are. best stop is same as we made on the farm. i can understand that some people think its fatty ..when you eat fast food anyghing real is different. can't please all people some of the time. some you can't please at all. keep up the good work and will be enjoyed by those that know what's good. o not that is matter's i am from south central texas any will be placing an order thanks okie

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