Peto's -- Moss Bluff, Louisiana

A pan of seasoned (they also sell unseasoned) cracklins.
-- Peto's is an interesting place to stop for cracklin.  They serve two varieties.  One is seasoned only with salt and the other uses their blend of seasonings which includes sugar.  Needless to say, the sugar sweetened cracklin offers a unique taste.  The other notable thing about Peto's cracklin is their size.  These craklins are tiny chicletesque size bites just right for popping into one's mouth.

They are a tad dry, but the size really is nice.
Peto's uses a secret blend of spices which includes 
sugar for a unique sweetness. 
The sweet sugar spice blend has some positive attributes and it certainly stands out for being different, but it amounts to a flavor profile which is a little odd.


Price = $11.50 per lb.
Crunch = 3 Gratons
Meat/Fat/Skin Ratio = 4 Gratons
Seasoning = 3 Gratons
Presentation = 3 Gratons

104 Bruce Circle
Lake Charles, LA 70611
(337) 855-3555

For a review of Peto's strange boudin click HERE.


  1. This is where my husband and I have decided is our place to stop for Cracklins, the size and seasoning as you mentioned is different but that's what makes these our favorite!

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