Early's Food Store- Scott, LA

Cracklin in a newspaper lined pan at Early's in Scott
 --- Upon entering the store take a hard right and head to the deli window.  Here's where you can get a small variety of delicious prepared foods and sandwiches to go.  The potato salad they make to go along with their Sunday lunches is one of my favorites.  But we're here for the cracklins today.  They keep'em in a newspaper lined pan toward the back of the cooking area.
Yes, the skins are puffy and crisp.

A tightly wrapped package of cracklin from Early's.

The skins are light and fluffy (if that can be applied to a cracklin at all) more akin to a pork rind than the harder skin found on many Cajun cracklins.  There is still a great crunchiness to the skin and it plays nicely off of the meat and fat.  Early's makes their own secret seasoning blend ("Now It's Cajun") and it is put to good use here.  They're heavily seasoned and take on the red tones of the cayenne and paprika to create a visually appealing cracklin.  Mine were not warm when I got them, but the overall experience is worthwhile. --

Price = $10.99per lb.
Crunch = 5 Gratons
Meat/Fat/Skin Ratio = 4 Gratons
Seasoning = 3.5 Gratons
Presentation = 3 Gratons

1410 Saint Mary St
Scott, LA 70583-5171
(337) 234-4592

To read a review of Early's boudin click HERE.


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  6. Looks so tasty! I don't like eating fried stuff, but this is such a huge exception!


  7. Is there anyway that we could order this to CA?

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