Rabideaux's - Iowa, LA

Notice the double lined bag!

--- Cracklins, like glazed doughnuts, are best warm and fresh from the fryer.  At Rabideaux's your chance of getting warm cracklin is strong.  They sell so many that they've always got a warm batch waiting in the kitchen.  When I arrived the cracklin bin was empty and they promptly replaced it with a heaping pile of fresh ones.

These are top-notch examples of what great cracklins can and should be.  The skin is as crunchy as can be while the fat and meat retain a delicious tenderness.  Each bite is an explosion of flavor and the liberal use of their in-house seasoning is the perfect compliment and ensures that you'll have a spicy heat with each bite.

Rabideaux's is usually pretty busy and the workers are no-nonsense kind of people.  They'll get you your food, but don't expect too much more out of them.

The double-bagging of the cracklins is a really nice touch.

Price = $9.99 per lb.
Crunch = 5 Gratons
Meat/Fat/Skin Ratio = 5 Gratons
Seasoning = 5 Gratons
Presentation = 4Gratons

16055 Highway 165 # 105
Iowa, LA 70647
(337) 582-7180

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  1. I had Rabideaux's cracklin about seven years ago while visitig LA. I havent been able to forget it. It was the best thing I have ever ate and cant belive I ran across this site!!! Placeing my first order to be shipped to the east coast as soon as possible!!!!! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They also have some if not the best smoked sausage around.

    1. Drove there from Virginia. The best sausage and cracklins I have ever had,this place is great.

  3. I had some Rabideaux's cracklings this weekend and was disappointed. Most of the cracklings were hard and had too much seasoning. They were hot but not because it was fresh but because they have been sitting under the lamp. They did not taste fresh and the store was pretty empty that afternoon. Also, the price is now 13.99 per pound. Very disappointed considering I drove here from Houston to satisfy my crackling craving.

  4. Im trying to find a company that sells Rabideaux's sausage and will mail it to Idaho...help!!

  5. I'll make this recipe later. Thanks About us