Don's Speciatly Meats - Scott, LA

Colorful chunks of freshly fried cracklin at Don's Specialty Meats.
 --- By any calculation Don's is a powerhouse in the field of boudin and cracklin.  Their reputation is well-deserved and a sampling of Don's fresh cracklins seals the deal.  Here the meat to skin to fat ratio tips more heavily toward the meaty side of nugget.  Each bite is a full balance of flavors; hearty, porky, and satisfying. --

Price = $11.99 per lb.
Crunch = 4.5 Gratons
Meat/Fat/Skin Ratio = 5 Gratons
Seasoning = 4 Gratons
Presentation = 4.5 Gratons

Get'em fresh and hot at the front counter.
 The skin is thin and super crunchy. Bite lightly, for the density of the skin is significant. The seasoning evenly coats each cracklin with the perfect blend of peppery goodness. The amount of cracklin they sell at Don's ensures that yours will be fresh and warm (if not hot!). --

730 I-10 S Frontage Rd.
Scott, LA
(337) 234-2528

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  1. I've tried Don's several times, they were very hard - you better have good teeth. Maybe they were over cooked but my main objection was way too much spice. Fresh ones may be better. The three or four times I've gotten them was in the morning 9 A.M.ish if they were from the day before it could explain why they were so hard and dry.

    1. OVER-PRICED AT $13.50/PER POUND.......

  2. Interesting. Don's has always been one of our favorites for both freshness and texture.

  3. Maybe that day they didn't put enough water on them.

  4. At 15.99lb too expensive for dry and hard Cracklins

  5. Currently $16.99 a pound as of 5/25/15.

  6. Disappointed. Very dry especially the meat part. Not much seasoning either. Ordered these online in the glass jar. Have had much better from Don's.

  7. I have the same hard and crunchy experience with the cracklins but I get ALLLLLL that I am looking for in the pork rinds...

  8. Don love your cracklin but you need to your page your prices are way wrong was in there last week and we paid 17.00 pr Lb.

  9. I believe these are the little pieces of heaven that we had on our last trip to New Orleans, and we haven't stopped talking about them (or looking for some that compare) since then.

  10. Wow just contacted them over wholesaling their products to our retail customers and I was informed from Laurie Gautreaux that's Don's is Not USDA Approved. Kind of at a loss with that one...

  11. Many said the the skin is thin and super crunchy.

  12. Everybody should check this out! The meatiest one that I ever saw.

  13. You guys should try it out! One of my favorite cracklings. You'll never regret.