Sausage Link - Sulphur, LA

Pork Skins at the Sausage Link in Sulphur

At the Sausage Link, a top rated meat market and boudin maker just outside of Lake Charles, they are making "Pork Skins."  Instead of cracklins, these are more closely related to mass marketed pork rinds.  However, these are homemade versions and they are quite tasty and satisfying.

Because they include only the skin, and not the fat and meat, these skins are not as heavy or rich. In fact, they're so light and fluffy that a large bag only costs around $3.  The seasoning, which is delectable, is unevenly spread across the various pieces of skin. Select the one's you want for more spice or less. 

A great snack with decent pork undertones.  Not as powerful as cracklin, but they're not supposed to be.
Crispy and delicious pork skins made fresh at the Sausage Link.

Price = $7.99per lb.
Crunch = 4 Gratons
Meat/Fat/Skin Ratio = N/A
Seasoning = 3.5 Gratons
Presentation = 2 Gratons
OVERALL SCORE = 3.5 Gratons

2400 E. Napoleon
Sulphur, LA 70663

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