Wash Pot Style Pork Craclkins - Golden Flake

Much worse than they look.
 --- I would say "no surprises here," except that I was surprised!  These were far worse than I even imagined they'd be.  An inauspicious beginning point for a cracklin experience; open the bag and you're hit with the rather unpleasant sent of greasy cardboard.  The bad news continues.  These craclkin stones are hard, hard, hard and their flavor takes the greasy cardboard smell to lower levels.  I'd say it tastes like greasy "old" cardboard.  No meat on these things, but the seasoning is surprisingly spicy.  There are few good reasons for a person to be buying these.  Even if you're in a pinch they do more culinary harm than good. 

Price = $1.99 per bag
Crunch = 1 Gratons
Meat/Fat/Skin Ratio = 0 Gratons
I've decided that the less of my food to come out of a wash pot they better.
Seasoning = 2 Gratons
Presentation = 0 Gratons


Available in various grocery stores and convenience stores.


  1. i just want to say that these are the best pork cracklings i have ever tried every time we go to Mississippi i buy a bag or two to take home to Illinois cant seem to find good ones on Illinois

  2. You really owe it to yourself to order a batch of cracklin from Bourques to see the difference.

    1. Cracklin from there, is false advertisement. What they sent me was "crap," with a capital "C."

  3. I have to agree with the other Traveler, I drive out of my way to purchase these because they taste just like the ones I use to get in Lafayette, LA. But only 30 minutes away instead of 8 hours. And down where I am from WashPot Style means hard on one side and soft and greasy on the other. Just sayin'

  4. Where would I order the Crackin from?I really want some.

  5. try porkys in alexandria they will ship them to you...318-445-9070

  6. www.bonnevalfoods.com

  7. Dont eat these unless you have a good dentist to fix your teeth afterwards. It was like chewin on pieces of brick and the taste was nothing special...

  8. I love these but with out the pepper seasoning. They quit selling them in my home town and now I have moved up to Lufkin and they do not sell them here either. Please, please, please, please, please somebody tell me where I can order them online. I have not had any in about 9 years now. And, oh, my God, I want them badly.

  9. I loveee these but I cant find them in my home town anymore. where can I find them at now?

  10. Wow respect. Would buy a whole box of these if I could. The guy at appliancerepairshamilton.com recommended them and ow I know why. mmmmm!