Billeaud's Grocery - Broussard, LA

Billeaud's Grocery's Cracklin.
--- Perhaps one of the coolest things about Billeaud's (aside from the fact that they've been in business since the late 1800s) is that you can get "cracklin crumbs."  Yes, for less than half the price of the regular cracklin, you can get a little baggie of crumbs.  Why?  I asked and the answer is that a lot of people put them in their corn bread.  Zoinks!  What a great idea!  Oh, the possibilities. . . . . . . . .
Cracklin Crumbs.  Oh, the possibilities.
Always a fresh batch waiting to be scooped at Billeaud's.
Billeaud's always has a box of fresh cracklin ready to replenish the ones out front when they run low.  So, fear not if you're worried about them ever running out.  These are good cracklin with all the expected attributes and a fair amount of their house-blended seasoning for good measure.  Billeaud's also has a great link of boudin (both pork and crawfish).

Price = $14.99 per lb.
Crunch = 3.5 Gratons
Meat/Fat/Skin Ratio = 4 Gratons
Seasoning = 4 Gratons
Presentation = 4 Gratons

OVERALL SCORE = 4 Gratons 

111 Main Street
Broussard, LA

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  1. I put the crackling crumbs on my cereal in the morning. My wife took out an extra life insurance policy on me just because of it.

  2. Hands down, the BEST cracklin I have ever tasted. I keep looking for better, but can't find one. Oh and the boudin is fantastic too!

  3. I drive all the way from Franklinton, Louisiana to get my crackling and boudin from Billeaud's Grocery!! It's worth the drive.

  4. East Texas Friend got me some last week!!!!Best I've had. And I try them every where I go. Cant wait for more. Calling them to see if they ship,I sure hope so.