Cormier's Country Store - Cankton, LA

 --- Cormier's is a cool little store in the country (thus the name).  This place is definitely worth a stop, even if the cracklin left something to be desired.  They are kept behind the counter in a glassed in container without any kind of a heat lamp to keep them hot.  So, if you don't happen to get a batch fresh from the fryer they're not likely to be warm.  The other thing about these cracklin is that they were over cooked.  The meat was bone dry and just flaked apart when bit.  The fat caps had a smooth texture to them and were super hard.  Crunchy is good but hard is not.
The seasoning, on the other hand, was fantastic.  Plenty of it and perfectly blended. These meaty gratons have some potential.  I'll look forward to giving them another try.
One thing is for sure, these gratons have some meat on them.  Look at the size of the one to the far left!

Price = $11.99 per lb. 
Crunch = 1 Gratons 
Meat/Fat/Skin Ratio = 3 Gratons 
Seasoning = 5 Gratons 
Presentation = 2 Gratons 

OVERALL SCORE = 2.5 Gratons 

792 Main Street, Cankton, LA 
M-Sat 6-7, Sun 6-12

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